How High School Rodeos Can Boost Your Small Business Exposure


Marketing is important in any business, but especially when you own a small business. It can be hard for you to find the funds you need to advertise and market your business effectively. If you think outside the box and consider arena advertising, you can boost your exposure in whole new ways. Find out how high school rodeos can give you the exposure you need.


A high school rodeo in your area relies on sponsorship and donations from small businesses to help keep the expensive sport afloat. Contact your local fair board to see if you can sponsor a student or event. In sponsoring, you can get a banner placed on the inside of the rodeo arena that community members attending the youth sport event will see. The more you donate to sponsorship, the larger banner you can get. You may even be able to get your business name on a flag that the rodeo queen carries as she rides around the arena at the beginning of the event. Not only will you get exposure, but you present your business as one that wants to support your local youth activities. This can help potential customers see you in a positive light, which makes you stand out among your competitors.

Ongoing relationship

If you talk to your local fair board, you can set up a contract that ensures your business has a banner ad placed in the rodeo arena every year. Not only can get you get exposure in the arena, but your advertisement can also be featured in the rodeo lineup booklets that are handed out to event goers. This type of double exposure is very beneficial in helping your name grow in your community.

News broadcasting 

If your local area hosts the state high school rodeo competition for your district, you may even get live news coverage of your business. Fair boards often personally thank their sponsors on live broadcasts, which can place your name in the minds of consumers yet again.

Gaining small business exposure in your community can be difficult at times. Using the local youth events such as the high school rodeo as your platform for marketing can boost your business in many ways. From letting your community know that you support local youth activities to getting your name out there with potential consumers, there are many benefits in this kind of arena advertising. Contact your local fair board to see what kind of sponsorship package they can arrange for you for upcoming rodeo events.


16 October 2015

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