The Best Gifts For Your Executive Staff


If you have staff members that are considered upper management or executives, they deserve extra perks for carrying more responsibility. You should treat them to things they need and cover the costs for them to get high quality items for their personal business use.

Your staff may not want to go out and spend the money for the best pens, business marketing tools and more. Since they work for you and they work hard, these are some of the things you can provide for them in their office and for business.

Quality Pens

All pens don't write the same, and you don't want your executives trying to shake a cheap pen to get it to work when they are closing on a bid deal. Provide all of your team with quality executive pens that have great grips and sleek design. You can even have the pens personalized or engraved if you want. These pens will look great when you are in big meetings, and the ink will flow beautifully while the executives are writing and signing their names.

Tasteful Business Cards

The higher quality of the cardstock or paper used for business cards and the type of ink and font or embossing used can completely change the way a business card feels and looks. You should pick up the expense to get all of your executives tasteful and high end business cards that all have a matching company logo or design. Some of your staff may have preferences for the type of cards they like, so check with them before ordering.

Leather Planners or Binders

Yes some professionals will do scheduling with online sources or their phone, but all business professionals are going to have paperwork that they have to go over and take from meetings, and they may still like to use a day planner. A genuine leather planner or binder that they can keep their items in looks great at meetings and is a great way for them to keep their stuff organized.

These are just a few easy ways you can show the people that are working hard for you that you appreciate them. Talk with the office staff to see if anyone has any preferences in the things that you are buying, like ink color or leather color, and make sure you get everything ordered to each person's liking so they are as happy as possible when the items arrive.


20 October 2015

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