2 Ways To Promote Your New Small Business


Whether you are starting your own cleaning service or you are opening a new restaurant, you may be having real mixed emotions. It may be that part of you is excited that your dream is coming true, while the other part of you might be feeling apprehensive that you won't be able to get the business off the ground. Hopefully you have a very good support system because starting a new business usually means that you'll be putting in eighty- to one-hundred-hour weeks. Your spouse, family members and friends may not be seeing you as much as they used to. Part of the hours you spend will be in promoting your services or your products. Here's some ideas that might help you to be successful as you get the word out.

Using Your Own Technology - You certainly don't need to be a millionaire to get your business off the ground. In fact, establishing yourself with a laptop computer, a fax machine, a cell phone and a good website usually costs under $6,000.00. Your cell phone can act as your answering service and even your recorded message can make a strong statement about your new business. For example, as somebody calls you, they might hear a message that says something like, "I can't answer your call right now. I'm at the restaurant having the most delicious pizza that I've ever put in my mouth. Come on over!" Then you'll follow that with the name and address of the restaurant. Of course, you'll adapt the message to fit your service or your product. 

Think Outside The Box - When you consider other ways to advertise, think of mimicking big businesses, but on a smaller scale. For example, instead of spending a lot of money advertising in well-known magazines, think of putting advertisements in community papers and newsletters. Even libraries and public schools often have a monthly newsletter that welcomes advertising at a low cost. And, you don't need a huge billboard with neon lights to advertise your new business. Mobile billboard advertising is a fabulous way to put out the word about your business. One advantage that mobile advertising offers is that there won't be other advertisements that will detract from your message. In addition, they can deliver a message that static billboard can't reach, as the vehicle, usually a truck or a trailer, can go to any area of town where you want your message delivered.

Think about keeping a log of how people responded to your advertising methods, as this will help you to know where to focus your attention.


30 October 2015

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