Banner Towing: Take Your Advertising To The Skies


Today's consumers have seen and heard it all as far as advertising and marketing efforts are concerned. They easily avoid television ads by channel surfing. During ad breaks on the radio, they simply switch stations. The internet has advertising everywhere, but opening another window and tuning out the advertiser's message is simple. To make a real impact, you need to try something different that still gets attention. That method is aerial banner towing.

The Process

Aerial banner advertising got its start in 1911 when a Wright Brothers' biplane towed a banner that read "Vin Fiz," a type of soft drink. The method made an impression then, and it still does today, particularly in the warm months. If you want to reach consumers at any outdoor gathering, such as a vintage car event, spring break parties, or boating races, a towed banner can meet your needs. The audience for your ad is easy to pinpoint and reach. The banner is attached to either a light plane or a helicopter and towed where everyone in the vicinity can read it. 


Studies show that after seeing a banner ad, 88% of consumers remember the ad after 30 minutes; 79% remember the product that was advertised, and 67% can remember at least half of the ad's message. That level of effectiveness is difficult to beat. Even after all these years, people see banner ads as a novelty. They stop what they are doing to look up and take note, something other forms of advertising do not inspire them to do.


Aerial advertising is surprisingly affordable. If you fly your banner above thousands of people at a ballgame, you've reached a large audience in a matter of minutes. None of your money is wasted because people actually received your message. Experts estimate that this type of advertising costs you about 50 cents per thousand possible customers reached, a rate that many other types of advertising cannot come close to matching.

If you think back on your own experiences, you can probably remember the aerial banner ads that you have seen. The experience is a memorable one for both children and adults. Putting your money into banner towing is a smart investment because it reaches so many people for so little money. Also, you can be certain that people are paying attention to your message. That's the type of advertising that effectively promotes your product or service.


5 November 2015

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