How to Attract More Applicants to Your College


While some schools can rely on their brand name to attract students, other colleges will need to have a strong marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the best ways to attract new applicants to your college. 

Leverage Social Media

Students are engaged in social media activities all the time, and it's about time that colleges got more active in promoting themselves through these channels. Try marketing your recruiting events through social media and posting about cool opportunities that are happening on campus. If you can curate content that's relevant to students, you'll be able to identify with students better. 

Create Unique Perks

While your academic stats are important, potential students may be flooded with numbers and facts about many colleges that they are considering applying to. Make your marketing campaign stand out by highlighting special perks, such as unique facilities or giveaways for new students. 

Market Faculty

Your faculty are a big part of the college decision, so a strong marketing campaign should help potential students get to know your best faculty. Your marketing communications plan could include features of the month for certain faculty, which will give you a chance to highlight their accomplishments while also showing students what the faculty are really like. 

Use Media Wisely

Students will want to get a well-rounded view of the campus, and if you use media correctly, you may be able to sell helpful guides about the school before they even arrive on campus. Video, photo, and audio can all help you to create more familiarity with the campus. Be sure to capture a wide range of voices, from students to staff and faculty. 

Hire a Specialist Marketing Agency

If you are hoping for the chance to attract the brightest students possible, it's important to get every piece of your recruiting strategy done correctly. When choosing a marketing agency, you may want to consider hiring a marketing agency for colleges. Students are making a life-changing and financially important decision in choosing a college, so the tactics for marketing to them will differ from a marketing strategy that focuses on selling a simpler product. 

In short, there are many theories on how to attract new students to your college, and your success will depend on how you are able to promote your strongest assets. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the pros, and use these tips for a better college admissions recruiting experience.


30 December 2015

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