Reaching For The Golden Age Of Gaming


There are many paths to success, and the easiest path might be to follow what already works. The top titles of shooting games that represent modern soldiers or cool renegades, fantasy games that are about getting the items at the very end of the game rather than the journey, or even the sports titles that seem to be an updated roster of the same game, each of these directions are tried and true for success...but are they groundbreaking and refreshing to gamers? If you're interested in reclaiming the golden age of games that have drifted too far, consider your audience and what they're really calling for. 

Fighting Through Nostalgia For A True Product

Many games are great not because of their quality as a game, but being first on the scene or a reasonable breath of fresh air. Many game franchises become popular because the first game was worthy of an audience. The sequels continue to sell, but what do those sales really mean?

In the world of online gaming, there is often a push to return to the "best" part of a game. A more immersive time, a more "hardcore" time or a time when the game was truly worth their attention. The sequels and similar games may sell well because they represent a good enough product and because popularity is just as powerful as game quality, but the games may drift too far from the original product in ways that some gamers dislike.

Gamers who were with a product since the beginning may cling to the old ways, even though new changes were made to attract a wider audience. They may reject the newer products, but the kneejerk reaction may be misguided.

Are you a game developer who can piece together the innovations of modern gaming, then deliver the same gameplay and direction of the old games? Indie game publishers are ready to help you reach the golden age of gaming, but you'll need to know that some gamers are reaching for false nostalgia of sorts that can't be obtained again.

The feeling of playing one's first game and becoming immersed in a fantasy world for the first time is a unique experience, and there are even seasoned gaming veterans who don't yet realize that what they seek is that first feeling.

 That doesn't mean you can't come close.

Replicating Nostalgia With Enlightened Newbies

Creating a new, breakthrough game that is truly a first for gamers is a noble goal, but a different subject. If there's a specific game style that you're interest in developing--especially if you're yearning for nostalgia just the same--you'll need to create the next best thing, the feeling of being a satisfied gaming veteran.

Unfortunately, entering a new world with designs of an old world can feel like starting over. It may be refreshing and nostalgic at the beginning but wiped progress can slowly creep up as boredom and repetitive feeling. You can cheat a bit and bring in new players, but you'll need to lure them with what they like.

How do you bring new players who are used to a new way of playing into an old world? Sell the the prestige of being in a more skilled game with more depth, and tie the incentives they love to the older gameplay styles that veterans want. Give mentor and disciple bonuses for working together as an option, and watch the world grow from multiple generations.

Contact a team of indie game publishers to discuss your plans for grasping the golden age of gaming.


16 February 2016

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