Why Your Small Business Needs Truck Advertising


Are you a small business owner who would like to get more customers? Are you tired of spending money on traditional advertising, only to get little in return? While traditional advertising methods, such as flyers or ads on the radio or television, can work well for some businesses, it may be less useful for others. If you're one of the other types, you've probably been struggling to figure out how to let your customers know that you exist and where to find you. Fortunately, there may be a solution. It could be that truck advertising is exactly what you need. Here are some of the reasons to consider this type of advertising:

Novelty: Some types of advertising can be extremely easy to ignore. Flyers are often tossed in the trash without being fully read, while people change the channel when a commercial comes on. But truck advertising is much less common and is somewhat unique, making it harder to ignore. Whether the truck is actively driving down the road with your advertisement on its side or whether it has pulled over so that the driver can take a break, your ad is almost guaranteed to attract attention.

Scope: When you pay for an ordinary billboard, you have to hope that people who would be interested in your goods or services will be driving down that one particular street or highway during the time that your billboard is up. With flyers, you have to hand out hundreds or thousands of them in the hope that a few customers will actually stop to read what the flyer says before they throw it in the trash. With truck advertising, you get the eye-catching nature of a billboard with a reach that should be better than flyers. Instead of being restricted to one street or section of the city, a truck with your advertising on it can traverse the city and attract attention wherever it goes.

Cost: If you compare truck advertising to other types of advertising, you may be surprised to find out just how affordable it can be. Make sure to take into consideration the number of people who will be able to see your advertisement when compared to how many might get the message if you stick solely to things like flyers or radio ads. Depending on how long your advertising campaign will be, your cost per new customer can be significantly less than you've been paying for other types of advertisements.


18 November 2016

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