Could Your Brand Use A Boost? 2 Tips For Using Social Media To Improve Your Brand


Whether your brand or business has been in operation for decades or it is relatively new, it is important to make sure you are taking full advantage of the power of social media marketing. The benefits of social media marketing are numerous, and best of all, managing your social media presence and using the data obtained from your social media accounts and campaigns are both very affordable. Aside from creating pages for your business on all of today's popular social media platforms, read on to learn two additional ways you can use people's love of social media to improve your brand's reputation and even your brand itself. 

1. Begin Forming Personal Relationships with Customers on Your Social Media Accounts

Many brands simply create social media pages today, make a few posts, and then neglect the pages. Others take the time to update the pages once a week or month and think that this is enough to use the accounts to their full potential. The truth is that every business or brand needs to be as active as possible on social media, and the best way to do that is to hire a social media manager or, if your brand is new and you simply cannot afford one, dedicate at least an hour a day to responding to comments on your social media pages. 

You should use your social media pages to not only advertise your brand, but also to form personal relationships with your current and potential customers. There are many additional ways to do that, but the easiest is to simply log into those pages at least once every day and respond to as many posts as you can. If a customer uses your page to complement your brand, thank them. If they voice a complaint, then let them know that you are dedicated to "making it right" and apologize for their inconvenience. 

2. Use Data Science Software to Perform Text Analytics on Posts to Your Social Media Pages

Whether your brand is large or small, really analyzing the data that new, old, and potential customers post about your company on social media and business review websites can help you find ways to keep your current customers satisfied, gain new customers, and even bring those old customers back. However, it can be difficult to use all of this information to improve your brand just by reading what your customers post about your company on your social media accounts and elsewhere on the internet, and you may just not have the extra time each day to read all of the information. 

By purchasing or using SAS data science software that can perform text analytics on all information posted online about your brand, you can more quickly and easily discover where your brand needs improvement and how to boost sales. Text analytics software analyzes all of the words posted about your company online and locates those that are mentioned frequently, or "trends."

For example, you may not realize that people all over the internet are comparing your product to another and stating that they prefer your competitor for a reason that you can fix easily. Text analytics software can spot trends like this quickly to help you make changes to your product quickly to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. 

Text analytics software like DiscoverText can also help you determine the specific types of social media posts you or your social media manager posts to your social media accounts your customers enjoy the most, if you experience a boost in talk about your brand after a new ad campaign, and other important information that you need to know to make wise social media posts and choose the ad campaigns that really boost your online presence the most.


27 February 2017

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