Ordering Corporate Logo Apparel? 3 Tips To Keep In Mind


When you think about corporate logo apparel, what exactly comes to your mind? Many people likely think of polo shirts with logos over the chest area. This is an effective type of marketing for many businesses. However, it is important that companies understand that there are things that must be taken into consideration when they order corporate apparel so that they don't order an item that makes a negative impact on their business and reputation.

Tip #1: Know Who/What the Apparel Is for

Corporate logo apparel is necessary so that your employees can maintain brand consistency across the board for when customers come in contact with them and your brand. So, there are two questions that you need to start off with: who is the apparel for and what is the apparel for?

Who Is the Apparel for?

Are you ordering logo apparel for your office staff, or you ordering apparel for a group of construction workers? Depending on who you are outfitting, you will need to determine the type of material that you need. There will be different expectations for comfort, fit, durability, and safety.

What Is the Apparel for?

There is a good chance that you have a specific reason for the corporate logo apparel. Maybe it is employee recognition? An event? Everyday wear? Whatever it may be, you will want to consider the type of clothing you go with. For example, for events, depending on how professional you want/need to be, you may want to go with t-shirts or collared shirts. For an employee recognition gift, you will want to go with something high-quality and comfortable like a fleece jacket.

Tip #2: Understand the Difference Between Women's and Men's Apparel

Don't assume that you can just purchase unisex apparel and your employees will be okay with it. Unisex t-shirts may be okay, but when it comes to polos and other types of apparel, it simply doesn't work. There are subtle differences in apparel that you not realize, and there are more obvious differences as well. One obvious difference is the body shape/style; women's apparel is generally smaller than men's apparel. One subtle difference is that some styles of dress shirts will have the buttons on opposite sides for men and women. The important thing is that you order for both men and women when ordering for your employees rather than trying to only order for one sex and trying to make it work.

Tip #3: Think Outside the Box

There is a lot more to corporate logo apparel than simply screen printing the actual logo. There are many decoration options when it comes to getting the logo onto the apparel. Here are some options that you have:

  • HXD – This is a cutting-edge option that adds dimension to your logo and really makes it pop.
  • Debossing – If you want something less intense than the aforementioned but still want a 3D appearance, then debossing can give you a unique look.
  • Embroidery – This offers a high-quality, high-end appearance to your apparel, and there are a variety of thread colors available, making it easy to match your logo—and 3D embroidery is an option.

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25 October 2018

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