Writing A Marketing Newsletter To Showcase New Accounting Trends


If your accounting firm has been expanding over the last few years, then you're probably thinking of sending out newsletters to your clients as a marketing tool. This step is a wise one but requires a lot of careful planning to do right. For example, you need to write a newsletter that captures the imagination of your readers by discussing various trends that have taken over the marketplace.

Accounting Trends

When you track accounting trends for your clients, you provide them with an insight into your business that makes it easy to understand. And a good marketing newsletter for your accounting term can accomplish these goals and more by:

  • Describing Each Trend – Highlight what each trend means in terms that the average person can understand i.e., cloud storage being online-based accounting.
  • Highlight How It Impacts Them – Let the reader know what each accounting trend will mean for them, such as how increasing automation may improve their efficiency and decrease errors.
  • Showcase Ways the Trend is Implemented – Give real-world examples of the trend in your newsletter to make it easier for your readers to understand.

In essence, you need to write a newsletter that breaks down complex ideas in layman terms. Cut out the industry and insider jargon that may confuse readers. For example, terms like "debit" and "credit" are easy for your accountants to understand but could be replaced by terms like "money owed" and "money earned." These ideas communicate the same ideas but don't confuse the reader.


There are many trends that you can highlight in your newsletter include a variety of concepts, including a few of the ideas explored by Forbes in an in-depth article. These ideas and potential innovations include the following:

  • Increasing Use of AI – Will accountants be replaced by robots in the future? 
  • Customization Options – The increased specialization of accounting firms can match the needs of your clients more specifically.
  • Mobile Control – As more and more people switch to mobile computing over desktop options, the accounting industry must follow suit.
  • Video Conferences – If your clients live several hours away from you or just can't make it to your office that often, video conferences ensure that you stay in touch and on the same page.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can highlight in your marketing newsletter to showcase your expertise. That's the real goal of any marketing newsletter: to let your clients know that you are not only on top of the latest innovations but adapting to them successfully. For more information, contact a professional Accounting Firm Email Newsletter Platform Provider


22 March 2019

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