Quitting A 9-5 To Work As A Freelance Writer? Don't Neglect Print Marketing


Many people get fatigued of normal 9-5 jobs and get trained quickly in a freelance field that gives them more freedom. For example, freelance writers often have the skills to reach out to a large number of potential customers quickly and easily, and door hanger advertising options can help.

Challenges Facing a New Freelance Writer 

Quitting a normal 9-5 job to become an independent writer has many advantages. First of all, people can make their own schedule, make a difference in their community, and expand their writing skills in a variety of ways. Freelance writers often experience a high influx of jobs during certain seasons, which may make them busy right away if they reach the right potential customers.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to this career option that can be hard to overcome. First of all, new freelance writers may not know how to reach out to potential customers and stand out from others in the industry. This problem plagues all new businesses, but it is one that writers often experience the most. That's because many people don't understand their job and may not realize they have a specialty that is worth considering. Therefore, print marketing, like door hangers, may be a wise investment.

How Door Hanger Marketing May Help

Marketing is an important element of any business and should be focused on to create wider name recognition. However, print marketing is particularly critical. This type of marketing focuses on spreading the name of a company using newspapers, posters, and other print items like door hangers. Door hangers let writers place their name directly on the door of a potential customer, thereby spreading their name even further.

Even better, this type of marketing is often a great choice for new business owners, as it is usually much cheaper than other types of advertising, which makes it easier to invest in early on. Just as importantly, it can provide new writing experts with leads to potential customers by setting up contact sheets that they can tear off, take home, and use to send messages directly to a writer's phone – which is often their most common tool for finding new jobs.

And print marketing is often a good choice for those who just quit a 9-5 job because it is something that they can handle on their own, if necessary. However, finding a high-quality marketing firm, especially one that can handle other forms of advertising, is a great choice for writers who want to stand out in their new career field.


10 January 2020

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