Create A Dynamic Approach To Real Estate Agent Marketing


"House flippers" might put properties on the market regularly. The average homeowner isn't often involved with the real estate market. When the time comes to sell a home, how does someone choose a real estate agent? The homeowner reviews advertising material online and in print to find the right agent. Anyone in the real estate broker marketing service business should look towards crafting a more dynamic marketing approach. An uninspired marketing campaign might not draw too many would-be sellers to a particular agent.

The Dynamic Informational Approach

Many real estate advertising campaigns can come off as a bit bland and generic. Ads featuring a smiling real estate agent and a house with a "sold" sign are "okay," but hardly inspiring or dynamic. How about an advertisement that mentions:

  • Impressive Sales Figures: If an agent has a track record for getting maximum dollars for properties in a local area, such a fact is worth mentioning. Sellers do want to get the most money for their homes. An agent who can sell properties for impressive prices can be attractive.
  • Consistent Award Winning: An agent who receives industry awards for customer service, charitable giving, and more stands out. Accomplished professionals tap into the rules of attraction. Pros who consistently win awards may draw even more positive attention to themselves. 
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations: What is the experience working with a particular agent like? Previous clients may speak highly about working with an agent. Highlighting reviews and recommendations may also pull would-be sellers to an agent.

Presenting such things in advertising material is beneficial. Be aware there are different strategies an agent can employ to get the message out. Working with a marketing firm could help immensely. The marketing firm could come up with interesting ways to get the info across.

The Short Documentary Strategy

A video interview segment interspersed with client interactions could get the above information across in an alive manner. The real estate agent him/herself also comes to live in a video "documentary" a marketing team can put up on the internet.

The 30-second Promo

A marketing team could also cull a 30-second promo from the lengthy documentary. The short promo could act as a standalone ad or a teaser for the lengthier documentary or both. No matter the intended purpose, a well-crafted promo can help a real estate agent appear unique.

A professional touch becomes necessary to make all these elements come together well. An established real estate agent marketing service would bring the necessary professionalism to the task.


23 June 2020

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