How to Maximize the Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail


Every-door mail is one of the most instantly accessible forms of marketing available. You can produce and distribute marketing materials quickly this way, and you can depend on the fact that folks will see your message.

When you make this investment, though, you want to maximize the benefit for both your campaign and for the folks who receive the mailers. These four recommendations will help you to produce a more valuable campaign.

Actionable Offers

Most people are happy to consider a minimally invasive marketing appeal. They receive an item in the mail and scan it to see what it might offer. Getting them to stick around later is the real trick. They've given you a second of their time, and now you have to convince them that they should read on and then act.

The simplest way to do this is to focus on an offer that's actionable. If you're opening a restaurant, for example, have some specials or offers for the grand opening. Even if it's something small, such as an appetizer, it still rewards the target customer for the smidge of time they gave you.

Clean Typography

Quality every-door mail products get a lot done in a limited timeframe before the target customer might tune out. You don't want anything in the mail that creates a block because blocked people tune out quickly. Bad typography is a fast way to put up a block and lose a potential customer. The letters need to be simple, clean, and readable. Avoid anything that uses stylized fonts. Make sure the letters are big enough that people with declining eyesight don't have to pull out their glasses because they're probably not going to.

Be Brand-Consistent

Recipients have to connect the every-door mail item to all the other points of contact with your brand. They're probably going to search for your business online, and the logo, typography, and color choices need to be brand-consistent. When they show up at your business, they need to see brand-consistent signage.

The tone goes along with this. If your business is a straight-down-the-middle accounting firm that embodies trust, the mailer's tone has to match that brand.

Target Events

People buy experiences. If you're having a sale, tie it to the most relevant event of the moment. Localize when possible, too. If the city is having a big festival, lean into it with your every-door mail work.


21 July 2021

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