Hard Time Drawing Tourists? Here's How Your Town Can Change That


Revenue for cities comes from three places; taxes, parking fines, and tourism. If that last bit is a big problem for your city, and not enough tourists are choosing to visit, your city needs some big help in a small way. More specifically, what it needs is group training for small towns, the type of training that focuses on marketing and targeting to tourists. Here is what is typically involved in this type of training.

11 July 2019

Top Reasons To Hire A Marijuana Branding Agency


Since marijuana has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use in a number of states, the marijuana industry is continuing to grow rapidly. Thus, if your company has one or more marijuana products ready to enter the market, now is the time to build your brand and make your product a name that marijuana consumers know and trust. Unfortunately, building your brand in the marijuana industry is very difficult to do on your own.

7 May 2019

Writing A Marketing Newsletter To Showcase New Accounting Trends


If your accounting firm has been expanding over the last few years, then you're probably thinking of sending out newsletters to your clients as a marketing tool. This step is a wise one but requires a lot of careful planning to do right. For example, you need to write a newsletter that captures the imagination of your readers by discussing various trends that have taken over the marketplace. Accounting Trends

22 March 2019

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Grow Your Business


Today, you can earn a living as long as you've got a solid product and a way to tell people about them. Whether your products are physical items that need to be shipped, digital products that people can order as they please, or courses and consultations, marketing is the most important part of your job.  No one knows about your brand if you don't teach them, and marketing will bridge that gap.

30 January 2019